What you need to know about dog beds if your dog has arthritis

A dog that has arthritis will often have as many problems sleeping as a human suffering from the same condition. After all, arthritis in animals is just as painful in people. Even more so if they do not have a comfortable place to sleep.

That is why, if your dog suffers from arthritis or any other illness that causes him pain, it is vital you buy him the right dog bed. That way he will sleep better, not wake up as much during the middle of the night and find it easier to get through the day once he is well rested.

Buying a bed for a dog with arthritis, however, is not as simple as it may first sound. The bed must be the right size and shape for your dog, but it must also have the right support.

In other words, here are some of the things you need to know to ensure you choose the correct bed for your arthritic dog – you can see various models on Wauwaubetten.


It must have orthopedic support — There is not much point buying a dog bed for your pet if the one you choose does not have the correct orthopedic support.

After all, if his aching body does not get the support it needs while he is sleeping, he will be as stiff and achy as you are when you sleep in an uncomfortable bed.

Look for a dog bed that has memory foam in it, and make sure it is memory foam that is a gel foam. This will allow his body to get the evenly distributed support he needs while he sleeps.

This will also mean the bed molds itself to your dog’s body every time he lies in it. That will ensure he has support for his back and his legs, and allow him to relax while he sleeps. With a dog bed like this, he should wake up every morning well rested and eager to begin his day.


Safe for your dog’s aging skin — Just like humans, as dogs age their skin also becomes thinner and much more likely to become chafed or sore.

This is why the dog bed you buy for your dog should be made from material that is soft but also safe.

Check each bed carefully for rough edges, for fabric that could disintegrate into uncomfortable crevices as your dog sleeps and for fabric that is rough and uncomfortable. Walk away from those beds you know your dog will find uncomfortable at the end of a week.

Look for a bed instead that is soft and comfortable, and feels like your dog will lie down in it and immediately go to sleep.


Make sure the bed is waterproof — When your dog is young and energetic you may not think about him becoming old, with arthritis and sometimes having problems controlling his bladder. Just like with people, though, this does happen to many dogs that get past the age of nine or 10.

This is why any dog bed for your dog with arthritis should also be one that is waterproof. Particularly for those nights where he cannot hold his urine until you get up and can take him out.

A waterproof dog bed will not allow urine to leak into the fabric of the bed and damage it. The bed will also be easy to wipe clean and, if it becomes too smelly, it should be easy to wash in a washing machine.

Choose a bed that is waterproof for your arthritic pet, and you will not find yourself having to buy a new one every couple of months.

Buying a dog bed for a pet with arthritis is often as easy as making sure it will give him the right support and will be comfortable for him whenever he lies down.

If you can also find one that allows him to both lie down full-length and curl up into a ball, you will often find that accommodates a dog with arthritis even more.

After all, like people with arthritis, his pain may sometimes be so severe he needs to curl up in a ball, while at other times it may hardly be noticeable and so he will want